Fact Sheet

Human Trafficking will soon top drugs as the number one business commodity. You can sell a person over and over again.

  • Ohio youth ages 12-17: 675,922
  • Estimate of the total at risk Ohio youth population: 3,016
  • Estimated to be trafficked: 1,078

Ohio ranks number 4 in the nation for arrests of traffickers and rescue of victims.

The juvenile justice system has been largely responsible for the care of child victims of sex trafficking. We should not be incarcerating these victims.

Toledo ranks fourth in the nation in number of arrests after Miami, Portland, and Las Vegas, for the human trafficking of youth for sex trade.

Toledo’s smaller population compared to the others makes it the per capita leader of the nation for such activities. Our highway system makes Toledo the perfection connection via truck stops, rest stops, and other connecting points for the selling and purchasing of “slaves” in transit.

Recruitment sites

  • Hang out spots
  • Friends/Family houses Recruiters
  • Malls Groomers
  • Court Houses/Juvenile Center Security
  • Corner Stores