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(provided by the Collaborative Initiative through a grant from the Sisters of Charity)

Sisters of Notre Dame Library, Room C112
3837 Secor Road
Toledo, OH 32523
Contact :  Sister Mary Nadine, SND


  • Human Trafficking (2 copies) Young girls vanish and are forced by violence into a hellish existence of brutality and prostitution. Nominated for two Golden Globe Awards; made for TV movie
  • Trade  (2 copies) When human trafficking hits home..winner of Boston Film Festival.
  • Dreams Die Hard (2 copies) Survivors of slavery in America tell their stories.
  • Freedom & Beyond (2 copies) Explores what it takes to rescue child slaves, help them take back their lives, and how slavery can be stopped at its source.
  • The Gatekeeper (2 copies)  A rage-filled U.S. Border Patrol Agent who crosses the line he is supposed to guard.  Winner: Best film International Hispanic Film Festival
  • Stolen Childhoods  Filmed in 7 countries and examines the cost of child labor to the global community, probes the causes and recommends action.
  • Rescuing Emmanuel Why are 100 million children living and dying  on the streets of the world?  How can they be rescued?  Answered through one street child’s story.
  • The Silent Revolution: Sankalp and the Quarry Slaves (2 copies)  This is the story of the [eople held in slavery in the stone quarries of northern India who risk everything to take back their lives.
  • Look Beneath the Surface (3 copies)  Identifying victims of Human Trafficking in the United States (very short)

Other  DVD Titles:

A Dance for Bethany                                  Slavery 101

Dying to Live                                     Of Hopscotch and Little Girls: Stolen Childhood

Child Brides                                      Fields of Mudan


  • Human Trafficking   Primetime on Toledo, Ohio’s trafficking problem
  • Children Are Not For Sale II


  • Not For Sale by David Batstone (2 copies) This book paints a picture of modern day slavery that stretches across the whole world and includes our neighborhoods; the impact of slavery on the most vulnerable; the courageous abolitionists who are making a difference.
  • Disposable People by Kevin Bales (2 copies)  A well-researched scholarly and deeply disturbing expose of modern day slavery with well thought out strategies for what to do to combat this scourge.
  • Understanding Global Slavery by Kevin Bales (2 copies)  This looks beyond the first book to explore broader themes about slavery’s causes, its continuation and how it might be ended.
  • A Crime So Monstrous by E. Benjamin Skinner (3 copies)  A journalist travels around the globe to personally tell victims’ stories that need to be told and heard.
  • Invisibles No Mas! By  Jose Amin Cortes (2 copies in Spanish)
  • The Sacred Bath by Theresa Flores (2 copies)  The author shares her story of trafficking and slavery while living in an upper-middle class suburb of Detroit, Michigan; advice to parents and professionals on preventing this from occurring.
  • Be the Change by Zach Hunter (2 copies)  A fifteen-year-old abolitionist and activist working to end slavery around the world—written for youth
  • Given Kachepa: Advocate for Human Trafficking Victims by Q. L. Pearce (Young Heroes Series)—written for youth


  • Hidden in Plain Sight: the shadow world of human trafficking” in U.S. Catholic, January, 2009; pp. 12-22
  • “21st Century Slaves” National Geographic, September, 2003, pp. 5-29
  • Trafficking in Persons Report—2010


  • Wise As Serpents (3 copies)
  • IOM Handbook: Direct Assistance for Victims of Trafficking


The materials available from US Health and Human Services regarding Human Trafficking are free, as is their shipping, so there is no cost in obtaining them.  To order:

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